Misconceptions About Deferred Action

Deferred Action becomes an option to millions of undocumented students in the United States.

This is not the “Dream Act.”

Also, it cannot be emphasized strongly enough that this is temporary relief at best. The law is only good as long as Obama is in office, and may or may not be renewable in 2 years. It does not confer any “legal” status, and the applicant is required to disclose personal information to Dept of Homeland Security. If the application is not completed correctly, the applicant may be required to appear for an interview with DHS. If the application is denied, there is no appeal (and DHS knows who and where you are). As an immigration attorney, I’m happy to see legislation going in the right direction, I just want people to know the risks and limitations as well.

Second, Deferred Action is not “amnesty.” It is, at best, a temporary work permit. Second, there is no point in people crossing the border to apply since they must submit proof that they’ve been here continuously since 2007. Third, people will come as long as we, US Citizens, offer them jobs (not to mention our US foreign policy that decimates their countries’ economies and forces families to separate in search of work). True reform would crack down on the employers, instead of slap them on the wrist. True reform would stop making it harder for people coming from poor countries to enter the US than those coming from our privileged friends.

Many opponents to Deferred Action agree with this person on Facebook who said, “What about the other 9.4 million already here that are not documented and the millions more that will jump the border trying to get amnesty, who will not work, not pay taxes, and get free health care on the backs of people like you and me trying to survive every single day legitimately.”

I would like to point out that most people who entered illegally must submit proof that they have paid taxes since they’ve been here if they hope to gain legitimate status. I have not had a client yet who a) hadn’t paid taxes an b) who had ever received a refund. As for free health care, in my state you cannot get govt subsidized health care without proof of legal residency. When I lived in FL, it was the same. Illegal immigrants must use emergency rooms and end up paying much higher bills than people with health insurance. These people are not deriving any benefits “off our backs,” but every time you consume/ use just about anything, you derive a cost benefit and someone else derives a greater profit “off the backs” of these workers who have no choice but to accept subpar work conditions and minuscule pay just to keep food on the table.

Ok, I’ve said my peace. If you have questions about Deferred Action feel free to visit our website at http://legal-joy.com/deferredaction.html
Or email us at info@legal-joy.com

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