American Dream Dead? Or just American Drive? has an article about a recent law school graduate, who is saddled with a great deal of debt (join the club, I owe over $170,000 in law loans).  He has chosen to not take a corporate job that would help him to pay his hefty debt.  Instead, he decided to show up at a town hall meeting being televised on CNN and ask the president, “”What I really want to know is: Is the American dream dead for me?”

If we pretend to overlook the level of entitlement and self centeredness it must have taken Ted Brassfield to ask the question in the first place, I still have to ask the question:

How could a man with enough education to be familiar with our nation’s history, look our president in the face and seriously dare to ask about the American Dream?  I am amazed Obama did not look back and ask, “Are you serious?!?”

The American Dream is the belief that with hard work, anything can be accomplished.  Our first African American president-ever- is a shining example that the Dream is alive and well.

Ted Brassfield, on the other hand, is a perfect example of why the Dream remains so far out of most American’s reach.  We have become spoiled and lazy.  Even though Mr. Brassfield was given an education good enough for him to be admitted into college, and even though the support was there for him to finish undergrad with grades high enough to get into law school, and even though the financing was made available to him that made it possible for him to complete his education and become a lawyer, Mr. Brassfield wants MORE.

Mr. Brassfield, America has given you every opportunity.  America has held up its side of the bargain.  Now it’s your turn.  The American Dream requires hard work, self-sacrifice.  Think back to your 1L year Contracts class.  Have you performed?

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